PART 1: Install & configure SQL client for Netezza in 3 minutes


Squirrel is a popular freeware that you can download from I chose “squirrel-sql-3.1.2-install.jar” as the latest one has incorrect manifest file and thus does not install correctly. I used ‘Overview of all available downloads’ link from Squirrel source forge site and selected this 3.1.2 version.

1) Save it in a new folder (C:\Sqrl312). Double click this file (or use ‘java -jar ‘ option from command line) to go through dialog box driven installation process. You may select all drivers, though this has no effect on Netezza configuration.

2) Download Netezza JDBC driver and install. This also goes through dialog box (C:\nz1).

3) We need to configure Squirrel for Netezza. This involves two major steps:

a) Fire up Squirrel batch file, located under C:\Sqr1312. Name of the file: squirrel-sql.bat (OR) use windows short cut to launch it. Click on ‘Drivers’ tab on the left most frame.

Click on “+” icon to open a dialog box. We need to manually load Netezza JDBC driver. To do that part, click on “Extra Class Path” tab and click ‘Add’

Choose Netezza directory where JDBC is located and choose that jar file for loading in; in this case, it is under C:\nz1 directory.

I filled dialog box; details obscure for obvious reasons. URL follow syntax: jdbc:netezza://<host>:<port>/<dbname>. Netezza default port:5480, same as default Postgres.

Make sure to click ‘List Drivers’ for the selected Netezza jar file.

Dialog box looks this way after completion. Click ‘OK’ after all details are populated and that closes this dialog box.

b) Second step is easy as this involves creation of an alias. Click on the tab just above ‘Drivers’, see the first picture for easy reference. Press “+” sign from this frame and that gives another dialog box. Give a name, such as ‘NZ_prod_1’ and choose Netezza driver just configured (“NZ_db_1”), give user name and password to test this connection.

If all went well, you will see:

If this is successful, you can connect direct to database and start querying.

This is the first part in three part series. Rest of them include a few details on features and Netezza related topic.


7 thoughts on “PART 1: Install & configure SQL client for Netezza in 3 minutes

  1. I am getting this error any ideas…

    According to the driver “NZ_PROD”, the url “jdbc:netezza://:/.” is invalid

    • I am getting this error any ideas…

      According to the driver “NZ_PROD”, the url “jdbc:netezza://:/.” is invalid.

      • Apologies for (inordinate) delay!

        I appears that URL is not constructed properly. I suggest using squirrel or a similar JDBC based tool to check before using with any other BI tool.

        Two important JDBC settings are
        1) URL
        2) Class path.

        Please check that both are correct / valid. You may know that we can save jar file with extension tar (that is, replace ‘jar’ with ‘tar’ for the extension). We can check class path this way, though you need to verify this with documentation.

        Google gave me this link:
        Note that URL need to be on a single line (no new line or carriage return).
        Please share your experience…..

  2. Hi, i am following your post but not able to download netezza jdbc driver.It would be great if you can provide that particulat jdbc jar needed in squirrel as an attachment.Thanks…

    • You need login to IBM partner / customer site. You may be able to search through Google for corresponding jar file. I can’t provide it due to licensing restrictions.

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