Download Netezza (not really!!)


** Netezza Simulator is available on IBM site and may require special privileges to login. I did not try that out, any comments are appreciated **



Lots of us tried to download Netezza and try out for free. No software of that sort exists as it is entirely based on hardware. Closest one that comes to my mind is Greenplum. With a bit of luck, you can get Greenplum up and running on a Red Hat (or compatible) Linux in a couple of hours:


  • Greenplum calls segment servers, these are similar to Netezza SPU.
  • In a small PC based implementation, you may have one master (no standby required) and two segment servers.
  • No windows version available, though windows client connectivity tools are supplied.

I believe (not sure) that you can deploy Greenplum in production with up to two segment servers. Look and feel is pretty similar to Netezza. Greenplum has a few more bells and whistles, check their administration guide; only one doc that you need to do anything on Greenplum.


7 thoughts on “Download Netezza (not really!!)

    • I am not, clear from the title. Closest to freely available Netezza is Greenplum?!!
      Both of them are based on Postgres and both are MPP based databases; you may think of them as Postgres clustered systems.

  1. Srini,

    You input on Netezza is really great. Good News. Netezza emulator back from May onwards. I have question on that. Do we have any documentation how to setup the emulator please throw some light.

    Mike, I have gone through you posting on emulator. if you have any doc could you please share.


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